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HP Latex 335 Printer

HP Latex 335 Printer

HP Latex 335 Printer is a printer that is known for it’s exceptional quality and ultimate output. It uses the water based inks that helps in eliminating the inks exposure to the concentrations that are highly solvent and from the labels that warns for hazard. It simplifies the storage and ventilation. The printouts taken from HP Latex 335 Printer are odourless and have exceptional finishing. You can do the printing in large format through this HP Latex printer.

It gives the best image quality without compromising with the productivity. It ensures that pigments are immobilized rapidly on print’s surface. Final output that you will receive will be completely dry and cured in the printer, before it comes out. You can immediately deliver the same as it won’t have any finishing or other related issues. HP Latex 335 Printer ensures printing with low maintenance and the durability of its product in external environment is also exceptional.

Features of HP Latex 335 Printer

  • It has automatic cutter that ensures efficient cutting of the final output done immediately irrespective of the type of media used.
  • It ensures easy and remote online operations
  • It comes with self help learning tools that comes online. They will help you to learn the basics, ranging from how to operate a printer and then to grow and improve your business with the new applications
  • It comes with the HP Quick Substrate Profling
  • Known for its simplified and best color management
  • Excellent color consistency

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Curved shape deformed Print

Prints gets deformed or appear in a curved shape due to the substrate now deformation. Maintain your printer and get it checked  a by the expert to get rid of the problem.

Colors are misaligned

It is due to the misaligned printheads that colors seems to be misaligned. It happens when printheads are not aligned for the long time or it might also happen during to the substrate jam. This issue could be resolved by aligning the printheads.

Haziness in black area

If you notice haziness in black area or black doesn’t appear sufficient black then:

  • Get the number of passes increased
  • Get the print laminated
  • In order to receive the reliable and consistent print, we need substrate presets, as they are specially designed for it. In order to get the desired results, you may also look forward to invest in the process of color management through the external tools or by taking the experts advuce, in order to receive the desired result.

Smearing of Ink

Ink smears is noticed on the final printout due to the:

  • Skewed substrate is the one reason. Make sure that the warning message is not ignored by you, which appears during the procedure of loading, if the skew is significant
  • Second reason could be that the substrate doesn’t appear to be flat in the zone of print

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