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HP Latex 365 Printer

HP Latex 365 Printer

HP Latex 365 Printer is known for providing excellent production speed and high quality. You can easily get your urgent jobs done with great speed. You can get the printing done for outdoor and indoor purpose on various signages and on textiles as well. Durable prints of high quality are ensured which are scratch resistance. HP Latex printer sets-up and ideal printing platform for large printers to print signage, banners, posters, event graphic, light boxes, wall murals, non-stretchable polymer fiberand even for outdoor application.

Features HP Latex 365 Printer

  • You have all the freedom to expand and extend your applications and can always meet the expectations
  • It helps you in reaching the indoor places where you can’t reach with the solvent
  • Prints taken with HP Latex 365 Printer are odourless
  • Double-sided, automated and efficient banner printing gauranteed
  • You are able to create repeatable, consistent and sharp quality of images that are high efficiency curing
  • Avoid the wait time for prints, as the output you recieve is finished and ready to use
  • Continuous printing ensured that time is reduced and your productivity gets increased
  • Risk of damage is minimised and the output is scratch resistance
  • It ensures that running cost is reduced and your capacity is boost up
  • It maintains image of high quality through the service life of the printer

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Filler area appears to be uneven

Even a subtle differences in color is noted when the area is high density filled on the substrates, if after printing they are stored partially. Make sure after printing immediately, the substrates are stored totally covered or totally uncovered. Ensure that prints should not be brought face-to-face. You can resolve this issue by leaving the substrate uncovered for a while.

Ink is smudged or appears oily when touched

These symptoms could occur in various circumstances:

  • If the issue arises when you take the first printout, after a while that your printer was idle, then it is a temporary problem. Take the printout again and try it after reducing the ink limits a bit. It could also be resolved by adjusting the print queue
  • If these symptoms are noticed in the certain area of the final printout then by increasing curing temperature and decreasing the quantity of overall ink. It could also be resolved by increasing the passes or by modifying the inter-path delay ofsetz which will ensure the drying in a better way of consecutive passes
  • If you find these symptoms after the number of the passes are decreased then get the curing temperature increased and overall quantity of ink to be decreased
  • If you see the oily finish appearing in printing after hours or minutes of printing, then get the print stored with face-up and keep it uncovered. You will see that the effect is getting disappeared after sometime.

Dimensions of print appears to be wrong

When the substrate is heated up during the process of curing then the substrates gets shrink, once the printing of image is done. This could create a problem if the prints have to be piled up together or you want to frame the prints.

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