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HP Latex 560 Printer

HP Latex 560 Printer is a new range of printers that enable mobile printing too. With this HP latex printer you can take a print anywhere, all you need to have is a phone, tablet or a laptop. To ensure that your printer works properly in long run makes sure that the printer’s opening are not covered or blocked.

Don’t try modifying or dismantling curing modules. Keep in mind that substrate’s temperature doesn’t exceed the recommended level. Handling and using HP Latex 560 Printer is not difficult to operate and maintain. You just have to take care of few things and your printer will keep on working for long.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

 Printheads Cleaning

Automatically cleaning of printhead is performed if you doesn’t turn your printer off and keep it on. In case the quality of print is deteriorating then you should get the printhead clean. For this make sure that nozzles have fresh ink and nozzles doesn’t gets clogged. If printhead status plot are printed by you, then you will be able to know what colors have issues. Make sure that you carefully clean that printheads which are not printing adequately. In case you are not able to detect which printhead is creating the problem then get all the printheads cleaned.

Important to Remember: Blocked nozzles in small numbers cannot have major impact on the prints because printer is able to compensate this problem easily.

In order to get the printheads cleaned, first of all go the front panel of the printer and then press and after that tap on the printheads that you are looking forward to clean. It’s upto you, whether you wanted to clean all the printheads or few of them.

Printheads Aligning

When you replace the printheads, printhead alignment is performed by the printer. In case after the replacement of printhead, if substrate doesn’t gets loaded, then alignment will be performed by the printer when the substrate is loaded next time. In order to get the problem of print quality resolved, printhead alignment is recommended.

Unable to insert the printheads

  • Make sure that the printheads you have should of of the correct type
  • Verify that protective caps of orange colour are removed from printheads

Important to Remember: Caps of printhead caps are either transparent or white

  • Make sure that color label on slot is of same colour as the colored label present on printhead
  • Make sure that orientation of printhead is done correctly
  • Ensure that printhead cover is latched and closed

Cleaning of the printer’s exterior

To clean the outer part of the printer, use soft cloth or damp sponge and dip it in a household light cleaner. You can also clean the printer’s other part which you can touch daily in order to complete the daily operations. If you find any dampness due to the condensation, get it wiped by a dry cloth.

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