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HP Latex 570 Printer

HP Latex 570 Printer is known for its exceptional quality and great output. You can enjoy the premium quality printing in long run with HP Latex 570 Printer. Replacing printheads with this printer is quite easy, which ensures that your Latex printer works fine and deliver quality output consistently.

High productivity is ensured with high quality image. Curing of high efficiency is ensured, all the outputs are delivered with great finishing as they are dried and cured in printer before they come out. Best part of HP Latex 570 Printer is that it doesn’t need much maintenance, by keeping few things in mind you can enjoy best services in long run.

It comes with clear instructions which make the operating of the printer easy too. Nozzle replacement is very easy and it also has drop detection that is automatic. The best part of HP Latex 570 Printer is that you can enjoy printing that doesn’t require much maintenance.

Troubleshooting and Maintenance

Printer is unable to get the IP address

In the absence of DHCP server in your network, the printer won’t be able to retrieve the IP address automatically. Make sure that IP address is set manually in this case. Steps given below will help you to do the same:

  • Go to front panel first and the tap on settings after that go to Setup and from there to network connectivity, then go to gigabit Ethernet after that to modify configuration then to TCP/ IP and then to the IPV4 settings and then to config method and in the end to manual
  • Then from settings menu of IPV4 choose manual settings and then IP address
  • Then the IP address that you want to use, get it added and then tap on OK once it is finished.

Printing is not done by printer:

  • If printer is not printing then it might be a possibility that electrical power has some problem. In case the front panel is not responding and printer also doesn’t perform then get the power switch present at the rear checked, ensure that connection of power cable is done correctly or not and slide that whether the power is provided by the electrical socket or not.
  • It also happens when the network cable gets disconnected or ther is some issues with the setup of communications
  • Keep close eye on the front panel’s alert, it could indicate the reason why problem is happening. It helps you to know the reason behind any of the issue, such as:
  • Ink supply gets emptied
  • Damaged or missing printhead
  • Mis-positioned substrate
  • Make sure that the option of length tracking of the roll is activated. Check that length of the remaining roll is enough to complete the job. You can get this information from icon present on front panel of the RIP software

Printer is slow

Few of the reason why printer is slow are as follows:

  • If you want to get the printing of highest quality done, then there might be a possibility that speed of the printer will get slow
  • Check that your printer doesn’t get disconnected with the network and also ensure that components that are used in network are able to operate on Gigabit Ethernet. Check that configuration of proxy server is done correctly with the printer
  • Check the condition of the printheads. Dirty printhead leads to the increased printing time. You can get the printhead status checked from the front panel, you can also check it through the server of Embedded Web. If necessary get the printhead replaced
  • Images having black fills of high density also lead to the increased printing time

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