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Just like other series of printers by Hewlett Packard, Deskjetprinters’ series is one from all the categorization. HP provides a large variety of models differentiated on the basis of size of printer, type of printing, printing media it supports, connectivity with computers or e-connectivity. These are specifically designed to provide services at home, but, very small-scale businesses also make it a choice for their establishment due to its compact size.

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The users have always been in the dicey situation that there are various service providers available on the internet that claims themselves the best service providers. The better way is to know your service provider. We suggest you before getting in touch with us, it is better you visit few links of our website and check how authentically we provide service after doing detailed research and development on the product. Else get in touch directly with our Technical Support Team. We put our technical team with under intense training program who then become certified technicians and endorse complete support to our customers. Our team is led by experienced professionals who keep congenital approach of the services.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the printers of DeskJet series and their key function.

HP Deskjet 400Deskjet 400 is a personal printer with ink-jet technology. It supports wired connectivity only and colored printing technology. Deskjet printers, being a home use printer, supports slow printing. The printing media that it supports are envelopes, papers (A4 & A1), letters and transparencies also. When it comes to home use printers, power consumption has always been a point of concern. It consumes very less electricity which makes it economical. The print resolution is also very good – 300 dpi.

HP Deskjet 500Not the highest, it still bags highly advanced features and it also supports fast printing and backs noise reduction feature also. It is a choice for home use and can very efficiently work without consuming much power. Glossy paper, plain paper, envelope, transparencies are various media type that it supports. It’s ink consumption is also, very less, yet high screen resolution. It doesn’t support wireless connectivity and it also supportsautomatic media load feature.

HP Deskjet 600With very high color resolution- upto 600 dpi and elaborated media types like transparencies, labels, plain paper (A4 & A1), cards, glossy papers and envelopes. It has 4 prints per minute capability and uses comparatively much ink so that it can provide good print quality.

HP Deskjet D700 – is an ink advantage series of printers. It is actually a complete package of both ink economy and print resolution, provided by the printer. It is slightly less economical in terms of electricity consumption and very much reliable for providing print quality on various print media. Our HP Support Team have always been ready to help you related to every issue that you can face.


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