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HP Deskjet 400 Printer

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Deskjet 400 is a complete home based personal printer of Inkjet Series by Hewlett-Packard. This printer is very sleek in design and provide good printing speed and technology in other printers of same category.
Though, there are various reasons by which printer can cause various problem or its performance can be obstructed, Door Open is a major problem with this printer and you can suffer with it many times. The Door Open gets displayed on the control panel of Printer. However, there are some of the problems that you can face while working with this printer. We are highlighting some of the errors.

  • The paper is not Properly Loaded.
  • Defective Internal RAM.
  • Jammed Paper.
  • Hardware Error or Firewall Logic Error.

Door Open is the biggest problem with this printer. So, we are providing the solution, following which step by step will help you in getting rid of the error.
We are highlighting few methods that will help you in getting things related to your printer sorted. You can contact us for more information or you can also get your issues resolved with the help of our technical expert. Visit our website printertechnicalsupport247.com and you will get all the information to contact us. You can also get your issues resolved on our Toll-Free Number +1-844-436-1893
Follow the instruction to get your issue resolved.
1.Completely close the cartridge door.

  • Open the cartridge door and close it completely. Ensure that it rests completely with the Printer.

2.If the error message still persists, follow these two steps.

  • Check if there is any obstruction in the cartridge door that is stopping it from closing.
  • If something is stopping, remove the obstruction.

3.If the error message still flashes on control panel, follow such steps.

  • To turn the Printer on, press the power button.
  • Disconnect your USB from the printer from the back side.
  • Disconnect USB from electricity board side.
  • Now, wait for a minute.
  • Reconnect Your USB cable with both printer and with electricity board.
  • Now, turn on the printer by pressing the power button.
  • Check Printer control panel to see if the error message still displays.

The above-mentioned three steps will help you in resolving the issue. If the error still remains in your printer. You need technical hands beside you, who can understand your printer very effectively and efficiently and provide you immediate solution. To solve this purpose, we are here with our technical expert team to provide you the solution. Visit our website printertechnicalsupport247.com. Connect with us via Live Chat Support or via our Toll-Free Number +1-844-436-1893.

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