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HP Deskjet 500 Printer

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Printer of Inkjet Series by HP is Deskjet 500. It is the widest range of printer series that cover from small domestic to large industries. The same is with this printer, there are various issues and errors that can be the reason behind the non-functioning or malfunctioning of the printer. Here are some of the particular issues that we are discussing about.
1. Command remains in the queue but doesn't complete printing.
2. Internet, Networking, USB & Wireless Related Issue.
3. Paper & Accessories Related Issue.
4. Installation & Update Related Issue.
5. Paper feed and Jams Related Issue.
6. Printer's display & Control Panel Related Issue.
7. Startup and Shutdown Related Issue.

These are the some of the errors and issues that need to be discussed. There can be some hidden issues also. For such issues, you may need technical assistance from us. Just visit our website printertechnicalsupport247.com. Our Live Chat Support is also waiting for you to be used for information and for the services that we can provide.
Let's discuss how some of the issues, that are mentioned above, can be resolved.

  • Command remains in the queue but doesn't complete printing
  • 1.This error can be caused due to mismatch of the paper size.
    2.To resolve this issue – Open EFI Designer Edition — > Go to preferences — > Click on Printer section
    3.Now, click on Paper Size and verify the paper size that should match the print job.

  • Internet, Networking, USB & Wireless Related Issue
  • 1.Go to Printer Setup Utility and click on Reset Printer system.
    2.Turn Off your printer. Now, for USB or any Wired connection, take out cable from both the side and then plug it in.
    3.Now, turn your printer on and check whether it is working or not.

  • Paper feed and Jams Related Issue
  • This error can be caused due to overlapping of multiple command or due to feeding or torn or folded paper. To resolve, switch off the printer, open printer's cover and manually take off the paper.

  • Printer's display & Control Panel Related Issue
  • 1.To troubleshoot this issue, disconnect the power cord from the printer and from the other side.
    2.Now, connect power cord on both the sides and verify that both the connected properly on both the sides.
    3.Now, switch on the power switch and check display panel.

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