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HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-function

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HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-function printers are known to be the first scan optimized printers in industry. They are the multifunction devices that can streamline the complicated workflows with the OCR optical character recognition. These HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-function can embed send to the share point and have the capabilities of scan to cloud.

It will help you in simplifying the tasks and to manage your jobs easily. With HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-function, you will be able to add the information of the file in an efficient manner. Its large keyboard and intuitive touchscreen will help you in doing the same. You have the option to get the print done by using your mobile devices through the facility of peer-to-peer wireless direct printing and optional technology of touch-to-print.

Some of the important features of HP LaserJet Enterprise Flow Multi-function are as follows

Workflow is enhanced through the powerful performance

  • You can finish the task faster without even missing a single page. It has dual head scanning and has automatic document feeder
  • You can streamline the workflow and take your efficiency to the new level through the scanning solutions and suite of HP Flow MFP features
  • It has excellent paper capacity and can finish the task no matter how large it is, in minimum time
  • Quick and efficient troubleshooting of the problems with the help of cloud-based services that are up-to-date and relevant

Complete protection of your business for present and future

  • Confidential safeguarding of all your sensitive data
  • Secure your passwords, certificates, security keys
  • Easy and quick printing through mobile
  • Enable the touch-to-authenticate and optional touch-to-print through mobile devices
  • You can get the print done through your notebook, tablet or smartphone in just one go

Causes and Troubleshooting of the issues

Smeared image, just a portion of it, in feed direction

  • Internal part of Printer cartridge’s, intermediate-transfer belt ITBPicture, is not on the right place, that is why toner is smeared over the ITB unit’s surface
  • The common reason why smear occur is the paper jam or it may also occur while the first daily printing is going on either in highly humid environment or in temperature
  • Media’s torn edges caught in the blade of unit cleaning, which is not been removed even after the paper jam, could also lead to the toner smear


  • If you observe the smear after the paper jam, then get the ITBPicture checked of ITB, for any of the torn paper pieces. For that First of all remove the ITB unit, then clear it and then insert it back
  • Try printing minimum 10 pages and see if the smear gets cleared. If you still see toner smear, then move towards the next step
  • Get the ITB unit replaced
  • Wait till the time printer is again back in Ready state. It may take several minutes, so be ready for that as well
  • Print and then check the PQ troubleshooting pages another set

Print of the page with light, dark, narrow or sharp bends is repeating after every 1.6 inches

  • Cyan image drum’s charge roller is not letting the OPC charge uniformly


  • Go to Print Quality and then to Optimize menu, make sure that Cleaning Frequency is set to Alternate. This will lead to the increase in frequency, which will ultimately help in cleaning the charge roller
  • Then print the other set of PQ troubleshooting pages and examine them
  • Inspect these pages carefully to see whether the issue is resolved or not, if not, then get the cyan print cartridge replaced
  • Once the replacement of cyan print cartridge is done, check the PQ troubleshooting pages by printing them again

Our Team- Technical Assistance

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  • Round the clock availability of team
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