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HP LaserJet Enterprise Multi-function range is specifically designed to ensure complete security, for large teams along with the mobility solutions with advanced management, reporting for management needs and sophisticated workflows and fleet management. These advanced printers will allow you to get the printing done from the mobile devices by using the touch-to-print optional technology, peer-to-peer wireless direct printing could also be used through it.

It comes with the advanced configurations and options related to the security and has complete LDAP features. Your printer handles all your business information that is highly confidential and sensitive, but with HP LaserJet Enterprise Multi-function you can control it completely and managing security won’t be a challenge for you anymore.

The top-tier suite’s advanced solutions and ensures that your data, documents and devices are secured and completely safeguarded from any kind of malicious thing. These printers cone with the great print speed, have the facility of two-sided printing and standard connectivity. These printers are in high demand due to excellent paper handling and great display.

We aim at ensuring the enhance security and increase uptime for you with excellent prediction of costs. You can easily do the fleet predictability through it, which ultimately helps you in controlling the cost and have better predictable results. HP LaserJet Enterprise Multi-function advanced printers are capable of retaliating the attack as soon as it starts, it forces the system to reboot for repair, and capable of self-heal with their unique and modern security features. They come with the run time detection of intrusion.



 For the issues in print/copy

Before you even start the troubleshooting make sure that

  • Check control panel of the printer is it displaying any message related to the replace or order supplies. If you see any such message, then make sure that you get the same item supplied
  • Make sure that full pages with solid colour are generated by your printer

You can follow the below mentioned procedure in order to get the print quality issue resolved

Step 1:

Get the print of PQ troubleshooting pages. You will see 2 diagnostic pages, 1 configuration page, 5 color test pages and 1 procedure page in these pages. Do not use the 2 diagnostic pages, configuration page and procedure page, so make sure that you keep them aside.

Step 2:

If you see the issue in print quality of PQ troubleshooting test pages any of them, then tap on test page saying corresponding PQ troubleshooting, as given below

If there is no issue in print quality of PQ troubleshooting test page, then misalignment of various colours could be the other possible reason that print quality is getting affected.

Troubleshooting for print quality issue

  • Before you get started with diagnostic procedure, ensure that printer is installed in a temperature that doesn’t change abruptly and does not have humidity
  • Make sure that Drum Cartridges, Toner and ITB have enough remaining life, and they are in good condition too
  • Get the two diagnostic pages printed
  • CPR bars should be looked carefully for more detailed information. Check that CPR bars are properly aligned
  • In case you found that CPR bars are not aligned properly then get the printer calibrated
  • Now again follow the procedure starting from the printing of two Diagnostic pages and you will see that CPR will improve gradually in 3rd and 4th time

For the issues in scan/copy

Step 1:

  • Get the gray test page printed
  • Ensure that procedure of setup page is performed
  • Then click so that gray test page is displayed along with the window of print dialog by using your system
  • Now go to the bottom of print dialog window and then tap on the button saying print, to get the gray test page’s print

Step 2:

  • Now make use of flatbed glass Picture from flatbed glass and get the copy created of gray test page

Step 3:

  • Use Automatic Document Feeder also called as ADF to create the gray test page’s copy
  • If misfeeds are experienced by you, then get the ADF rollers cleaned of rollers Pictures, and then ensure that ADF separation pad’s, separation pad Picture is also cleaned

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