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Hp printers are  considered among one of the best printers with low power consumption and higher efficiency. When we talk about the HP LaserJet Printers with HP JetIntelligence, here JetIntelligence refers to the technology that comprises of additional and very effective printing features. The jet technology comprises of the extraordinary features like it uses the page maximizer technology, anti-fraud technology, Color or Monochrome Printing, Wireless or Wired Networking, Simplex Printing or Auto Duplex Printing and ColorSphere 3 toner or precision black toner.

Some of the important features are described below: 

  • HP LaserJet Printers with HP JetIntelligence gives a fine and professional quality of printing than earlier.
  • The Automatic two-sided printing feature reduces the use of paper by printing on both side by choosing the print on both sides option.
  • The multi feature function allows you to print, copy, scan and fax.
  • The wireless feature allows you to connect to the printer through your laptops, tablets, mobiles and get the print of the document you want instantly.
  • The page maximizer technology cuts the cost by providing the high yield option.
  • It has a feature that gives you a notification if the authentic cartridge is not installed in the printer.
  • Designed in such a way that it uses less energy and prints faster and gives high efficiency.


Issues Faced in HP LaserJet Printers with HP JetIntelligence

  • Installation of Driver Issue.
  • Cartridge issue.
  • Printer Jam due to paper locked in the tray.
  • At times the toner smears.
  • Damage of Fuser assembly or toner cartridge.
  • Printer is not printing from the required tray.
  • Printer is not able to detect the drivers for a distinct operating system.
  • The product you have printed is half faded.
  • Network connection issue.
  • Compatibility issues.
  • Media handling issue.


FIXES for the issues

  • Firstly you need to check for the paper type setting for windows and MAC OS and set the paper according to the print job.
  • Then you can print using a different software program to check if there was an Printer error in the program you were using for printing.
  • Next inspect for the status of the toner cartridge if damaged replace it.
  • You should always use the authentic HP cartridge.
  • Further for the alignment of colors you need to calibrate the product.
  • After that you need to print a cleaning page.
  • Service the printer.

Scope of Services

If you are facing any issues related to Hp and related products, then you can give us a call and get the solution of all your queries. We have the best team that provides genuine and quick response to the queries. Our technical support team knows about the product from head to toe and are updated on each change that is made to a product.

Our support team provides solutions to the issues related to the installation of printer, operating system for HP printers, compatibility and configuration issues or any network related issue etc. Get in touch with us anytime, we are always available and ready to help our customer 24*7. Our technical support team comprises of professionals who are very experienced in handling the query and they will listen to your queries and will figure out the root cause of your issue and will give the solution accordingly. You can connect to us by calling at our toll free number +1-844-436-1893.

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