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HP LaserJet Pro Multi-function defines the technology in the best way. These printers are now cloud ready and mobile-enabled. They come up with the advanced method of document management, which will help you in transforming your paper documents as well as digital workflow. Not just that these printers ensure single control point as well as enterprise level of security, so that more printers are managed by you with minimum work. These printers are designed specifically keeping in mind the need of larger teams, where management needs and workflow require sophisticated management and security solutions. It is capable of streamlining the complicated workflows with the features that are highly advanced.

HP LaserJet Pro Multi-function allows you to do the scanning with speed, precision and great ease. It has a built-in OCR, this software for Optical character recognition helps you in creating the searchable files direct from the MFP. It ensures that the document you are looking for is available whenever you need it. It also ensures two-sided scanning in single pass, which ultimately saves your time and enables you to capture the data in one go.

Issues and Solutions


It happens often that the output of copying and scanning may come out to be as defected such as streaks, smudges, horizontal lines, skewed output, vertical lines, smears etc. These defects could be visible when you view the scanned output on your computer.


  • Get the print of the internal page for example configuration page from MFP. Do you see any defect on the page that is internally printed? If your answer is Yes then look below directly and if you says No then move towards the next step.
  • Determine that this defect in print is specifically related with the usage of some automatic document feeder (ADF) or is it due to the placement of media on flatbed scanner glass directly
  • Create a copy with ADF and then mark it as “ADF.” Then get the copy created from flatbed scanner glass and then notify it as “flatbed.”
  • There might be some hindrance in the ADF scan or copy that might be leading to the print defect. If you are getting crooked or skewed images on scans or copies, then check if the paper guides on the ADF are properly adjusted or not with the paper size. There might be a case that pick-up rollers of ADF is not adjusted properly or it is dirty. Get the rollers cleaned or adjust them again. You can replace them as well if needed. To get rid of the streaks, smudges, lines and smears, get the ‘Mylar strip’ or ‘ADF glass’ cleaned
  • There might be the case that you are receiving defect in the copy due to something on flatbed glass. It might be due to the debris getting accumulated on white plastic backing or flatbed glass, which actually impacts the quality of the copy.

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