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HP Laser brings to your home one of the world’s secure printing. It will help you in streamlining all your crucial and vital business tasks and processes by ensuring the best printing solutions. HP LaserJet Pro Printer is ready to reduce your costs and IT workload, it will help in enhancing the productivity of the employees and ensure the secure printing no matter what your business demands are. HP LaserJet Pro Printer will ensure high speed performance with maximum productivity. It will accelerate the workflow with Flow MFP and get your jobs with high volume are done at really high speed. These printers are capable of turning your paper documents into a great digital content. These printers also come up with the wireless and ethernet networking options.

Advantages of HP LaserJet Pro Printer

HP LaserJet Pro Printer are powered by the JetIntelligence and are highly energy efficient. They are compact in size and hence in saving the space and could be set-up easily. Further advantages are listed below:

Mobile Printing: HP LaserJet Pro Printer provide the facility of the effortless and convenient mobile printing from tablets, notebooks and smartphones, without encroaching your security.

Security: We all know how important it is to maintain security of our data and security of print data anyways takes high priority as compared to the security of documents. The points where threat arises are for endpoint devices and data that is in transit on network.

Workflow: All the processes related to the intensive document could be easily streamlined through it, you can digitize, store and send the information efficiently and quickly.

Management: These software tools that are intuitive will help you to take better control and allow you to save money by managing and monitoring your print devices.

Solving the network problems with HP LaserJet Pro Printer

Bad physical connection:

  • Ensure that you have attached the product with the right network through cable that has a correct length
  • Ensure that all the cable connects are the secure one
  • Check the port connection present at the printer’s back and ensure that the light of amber activity along with the link status which is green are lit
  • If you are unable to solve the problem through this, try using the different port or cable on hub

Incorrect IP address is used by the computer for printer

  • Go to the properties of printer and then tap on the tab of Posts. Make sure that you have selected the product’s current IP address. You can see the IP address of the product from the configuration page
  • If HP standard TCP/IP port is used for the product installation then ensure that you do not forgot to checkmark the box saying Always print to this printer, even if its IP address changes
  • If Microsoft standard TCP/IP port is used for the product installation, then ensure that hostname is used in place of IP address
  • In case you found that the IP address is the correct one, get the port deleted by creating a new one
  • If you still see the error, then get the product deleted and then again add it

Computer can’t communicate with product

  • Ping the network in order to get the communication of network tested
  • Open the prompt saying command line on your system. For windows click on Start first and then on Run and after that write cmd
  • You will see that by IP address the type ping is followed for the product
  • If round-trip time is displayed by the window, it means you have a working network
  • If command to ping failed then get the network hubs verified and after that get the settings of the network, computer, product etc verified whether their configuration is done on same network or not

Duplex settings and incorrect link is used by the product for network

It is recommended that the settings should be left in automatic mode, we are here talking about the default settings. If the settings are changed then you should have to change them for network as well.

Compatibility problems are caused by the new software programs

Make sure that the installation of new network is done correctly, and correct printer driver is used by them.

Incorrect setting of the workstation or computer

  • Get the network redirections, printer drivers and network drivers checked
  • Ensure that the configuration of operating system is done in correct way

The current product is disabled or there is the problem in network setting, they might be incorrect

  • Go through configuration page and check the network protocol’s status. Enable it if you found it necessary
  • Get the network settings reconfigured if required

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