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HP Latex printer sets-up and ideal printing platform for large printers to print signage, banners, posters, event graphic, light boxes, wall murals, non-stretchable polymer fiberand even for outdoor application. The HP has shown innovation “aqueous-dispersed polymer ink technology.” This ink technology is eco-friendly as it doesn’t leave any impact on printing environment. This also provides it an edge over other models of printers available in the market.

Latex printers work on the principle of thermal inkjet printing. This enables you provide high-quality prints and you don’t have do manual cleaning. The ink comprises both pigment and polymer particles and take to print service. When technology increases, the risk of getting it obstructed. Latex printers need good attention and care and if proper care is not given, it will face printers errors and you need to have technical support in that case.

HP Latex 335 Printer can be a choice for your broad classification of printing media. With advanced Latex ink technology, it supports print resolution of up to 1200 x 1200 dpi with 6 different print heads.It has slight low print resolution among all the printers of this category. The mobility and handling of the printer can be bit tricky and it eventually causes various errors in the printers. As mentioned earlier, it is also a latex ink-based printer which supports ink to get spread evenly on printing platform.

HP Latex 315 Printeroff many other Latex Printers, there are various key features that separates it from other. The printer comprises good quality in-door and out-door printing.This consumption of ink is very less and the good point is that it still does not compromise with the quality standards. Let’s not forget about the speed factor. The speed it endorses is 517 ft²/hr on large print media. You can say it has the best print speed in the class.

HP Latex 115 Printer: This is also an amazing printer model but we have found various issues with the printer that can cause numerous problem to the user if it doesn’t work.The issues that it may face are as follows: Ink Cartridge and Paper Jam issue, error while Installing Software, Improper Paper Setting (it is among the most common issues with the printer), extra ink ejection or no ejection due to improper insertion of the ink. Your ink may also get dry if it is not used properly for over a longer period of time.

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We are sole providers of all the services related to HP Latex Printers on one platform. Our services are given keeping in mind to restore efficiency and increase productivity of the printer if it is taken by us for diagnose. Our professional Experts are available all the time to assist you in every aspect. To reach us, you need to follow any of the communication procedure. We have all-time available Live Chat Support on our website to assist our customers. We have also given our Toll-Free Number +1-844-436-1893. If you send us e-mail, our team will revert you with respective and genuine reply to get your issue solved.

HP Latex Printers

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